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Ecology Introduction


What is ecology?

Ecology is the study of relationships between organisms and their environment.


What will we be studying?

1.  Living & Nonliving Environments

  • Biotic factors
  • Abiotic factors
  • Ecosystems
  • Levels of biological organization


2.  Interactions among Living Organisms

  • Population density
  • Limiting factors
  • Predator / Prey relationships
  • Symbiosis
    • Mutualism
    • Commensalism
    • Parasitism
  • Habitat
  • Niche


3.  Matter & Energy in Ecosystems

  • Food chains
  • Food webs
  • Trophic levels
  • Water cycle
  • Carbon cycle
  • Nitrogen cycle


How will I be learning?

Reading and group discussions

Ecological simulations and models

Ecology video project:

  • We will be watching an episode from the Planet Earth DVD series and investigating biotic relationships between organisms and their environment.  Students will identify symbiotic relationships, create food webs, analyze the transfer of energy through the ecosystem, and solve ecological problems.
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