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Vocab Assign #3: Scientific Method Vocabulary


Click link to safely download the in class practice worksheet:  VocAssign#3 Sci Method Vocab – FILLED IN

Scientific Method Vocabulary

science – the study of everything; purpose is to solve problems

inference – an explanation based on observations

hypothesis – an educated guess about an outcome; must be testable

         FORMAT: If _______ then ________ because __________.

(The because part is your education.)

independent variable – found in the “if” part of hypothesis; what “I” do in the experiment

dependent variable – found in the “then” part of hypothesis; what happens as a result of what I do in the experiment (the outcome)

constant – something that stays the same in an experiment

control – purpose is to compare with your results; I don’t do anything to the control; can sometimes be seen as the “normal” situation

sequence – an order of events

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