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Rocks Intro



A rock is a naturally occurring solid mixture of one or more minerals, or organic matter

There are three types of rock:   Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.

obsidian (igneous)

basalt (igneous)

sandstone (sedimentary)

limestone (sedimentary)

marble (metamorphic)

quartzite (metamorphic)

Click here for the Types of Rock PowerPoint used in class.



Igneous Rock is formed when magma cools deep within the earth or on the surface.

Wind and rain erodes rock and deposits rock particles in layers at the bottom of bodies of water, such as the ocean.

Layers of sediment eventually cement together forming sedimentary rock.

Heat and pressure around sedimentary rock can transform it into metamorphic rock.

Metamorphic rock is eventually melted inside the earth and turned back into magma, and the rock cycle repeats.



Igneous Rock:  rocks formed by the cooling and solidifying of molten materials.  Igneous rocks can form beneath the Earth’s surface, or at its surface, as lava.

Sedimentary Rock:  rock that has formed through the deposition and solidification of sediment, especially sediment transported by water, ice, and wind.  Sedimentary rocks are often deposited in layers, and frequently contain fossils.

Metamorphic Rock:  rock that was once one form of rock but has changed to another under the influence of heat or pressure without passing through a liquid phase.

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