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Study Guide: Astronomy Unit Test


Study Guides:

110 SEM study guide

120 SEM study guide


Directions:  Watch each of the following videos and answer the questions on your study guide.


Video 1:  Earth’s Seasons

What causes Earth’s seasons? This video walks you through the causes step-by-step.


Video 2:  Phases of the Moon

A video showing the moon phases and their cause.


Video 3:  Lunar Eclipse

This video explains how the lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 looked from space and why it happened.  It provides several different perspectives to aid in understanding.


Video 4:  Solar Eclipse

This video shows in detail how a solar eclipse occurs.





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Space Technology

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS)

Solar System


Earth’s Seasons

Moon Phases



Stars & Galaxies

Study Guide:  Unit Test







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