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Earthquake Resistant Toothpick Towers

After learning about p-waves, s-waves, and surface waves, as well as other effects of earthquakes, students from Eckstein Middle School in Seattle, WA investigated the strength of different engineering designs that they applied to their own toothpick tower construction.  Here are some examples.  Click here to see the toothpick tower challenge class notes.

Earth’s Interior Art Project

Here are some examples from Mr. Calaski’s students at Eckstein Middle School in Seattle, WA.  Click here to see the Earth’s Interior class notes.

Earth’s History Geologic Time Brochure

Some examples of our Geologic Time brochures.  Part of the Geologic History unit.

Solar System Research Project

Some sample solar system projects from eighth graders at Middle School East (2013)  Part of the Astronomy unit.

Animal Evolution Project

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