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Length, Mass, and Volume …Metric Style!

This week we explored how to use instruments of metric measurement  …the meter stick to measure length, triple beam balance to measure mass, and graduated cylinders to measure volume.  We also studied the metric units for each type of measurement: kilometer, meter, and millimeter for length; kilogram, gram, and milligram for mass; and the liter, milliliter, and sometimes cubic centimeters for volume.  Stay tuned next week when students will construct more scientific inquiry:  observations, theory vs. law, and the scientific method.

Here are the notes from science class this week:


Wow! Check out this great video showing the scale of the solar system.

Here’s how big the solar system really is (if the Earth were the size of a marble).  Filmmakers in the Nevada desert show the scale of the solar system in this amazing video.

Watch the video here:

Metric Mania!

Today 6th graders learned that scientists use the metric system for measuring length, mass, and volume.  Since today was all about length, we spent some time learning the major units of metric length (mm, cm, m, and km).  Do you know what each of those units stand for?  Then we practiced measuring length using meter sticks to measure objects around the classroom such as our shoes and our height.  Tomorrow we will be measuring mass using triple beam balances.

Welcome Uppers to Science 6!

I am so excited for our Science 6 class this year at the Greenfield Center School.  School starts Wednesday September 9th and our 1st science class will be Thursday September 17th.  Get ready for some seriously fun science!