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Unit 1 Common Assessment on Tuesday October 1, 2013

Our first common assessment will be given this Tuesday October 1, 2013.  The test will cover Unit 1 (scientific inquiry only).  Measurement and significant digits will NOT be on the test.

Click link for 110 Study Guide

Click link for 120 Study Guide

What to Study:

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Observations – be able to make observations of each type

Theory vs. Law – be able to identify statements as either theories or laws and explain how you know.

Inference – be able to make an inference about an observation

Sequence – be able to write a sequence of events

Scientific Method – You will be given a paragraph about an experiment. Read the paragraph and be able to identify the following:

    • Hypothesis
    • Independent Variable
    • Dependent Variable
    • Control
    • Constants

Back To School Night (Wed 9/25)

Welcome Families!

I hope you will join us this Wednesday, September 25th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

During this time, parents and guardians will be able to follow a shortened version of their child’s Day 1 schedule. They will have the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and hear about class expectations and course descriptions.

Your student will be bringing home a copy of his/her schedule a few days prior to Back to School Night. Please bring this schedule with you as this will inform you of the location of your child’s classes. Please report to your child’s homeroom at 6:30PM. The first scheduled class will start promptly at 6:38PM.


QUIZ on Thursday 9/19 – Measurement & Significant Digits

Students will be taking their first quiz this Thursday.  The quiz will cover measurement and significant digits.

What to study:

Measurement tool identification (ruler, triple beam balance, graduated cylinder, and beaker)

Property measured by each tool (length, mass, and volume)

Reading measurements (be able to read a measurement on each tool)

Recording measurements with significant digits (accuracy) (be able to estimate a measurement to the next place value, i.e.:  ones, tenths, hundredths, etc)

Counting significant digits (using the four rules of counting significant digits)

Week 3 Update

This week, students in 110 classes are learning about misconceptions in science and how to answer MCAS open response prompts.

Students in the 120 classes have a chance to reflect on a philosophical quote from Douglas Adams’ book, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. They are also beginning metric measurement and sensitivity during the second half of the week.

What’s New?

This week we will be participating in a classroom scavenger hunt to discover the resources of Room 50 and then students will work in groups to learn about team building while they focus on procedure writing for scientific inquiry.


Also, copies of all class documents can now be found in the Class Info section of the website.  You will find the class syllabus, procedure list, discipline plan, content pacing guide, and family newsletter.

-Mr. C