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Ecology Unit

We will begin the Ecology unit this week.  This week will focus on an overview of main ideas related to ecology.  Monday we learned about living & nonliving environments.  Today we discussed the interactions among living organisms, and will finish up our discussion tomorrow talking about symbiosis.  Thursday we will learn about how matter & energy is constantly recycled in an ecosystem.

Next week is Washington DC / Heritage Week.  We will continue with ecology when everyone returns Monday June 3.


What’s happening next?

Great job on the astronomy unit post-assessment, everyone.  The class average was 90%!  Making this the best performance on a science test this year.  Way to go!

Now that astronomy is over, we will complete some short mini-units on Human Body Systems, Chemical Reactions, and Technology/Engineering.  After these lessons, we will move into Ecology, which will take us to the end of the school year.

Remember the Science MCAS is May 14 & 15.